Opening of higher potential, creating Your inspirational life

 online program (4 webinars and 9 healing sessions)


Anao & Anastasiya Anderson

This program is an online course of teachings, tools for work with yourself, group synergy, group treatments aimed to learn how to live more connected to yourSelf, live your fullest potential, creating your inspirational life. 

You can see the recording of the open webinar at any time!

Anao cleaned the energy centers, and connected them together, it allowed the participants to feel the energy flow through the body, Anastasiya led a meditation “Directions of inspirational life”.

All that also works also in the recording. There is no space and time for energy.

*We recommend you to organize a comfortable space for yourself for the webinar, turn off your phone, put a drinking water near you, and 15 min before the start just to relax or drink tea

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During the program:

You’ll see and put clear intentions for your inspirational life

You’ll open for the energy of high vibrations. Feel it in your body

Get a group session of cleansing energy centers (chakras) 

Our teachers will work with you during the online program:


Healer and medium, lives since 3 years in Bali, originally from Germany. Anao is a “crystal child”, means he has special gifts – for working with people he channels high vibe energy of unconditional love. He does mostly personal healing sessions online or offline and seminars in Europe.

When he talks to a client or does healing, he works with the flow, guided. His main focus in working with people – to help to reclaim the power, for women – to reclaim their feminine power, for men – their men power, and to balance feminine and masculine parts inside of us. He also works with couples and teaches them how to hold high vibe energy in a couple, how to feel and direct unconditional love and tantric energies not just to relationships, but to the space (house, office), projects. 90% of his work is without touching.

Anao works mainly with 9 chakras, clears blockages, fears, traumas, old programs and beliefs, thus bringing clients to higher level of energy and consciousness.

Anastasia Anderson

Founder of INSPIRATION WAY project aimed to help people to live connected to their soul/heart/body/mind, do what they really love to do, to create, live in abundance and create inspirational relationships.

She lives currently in Bali, learns surfing, studies energy work, meditation, to live “connected”, self-healing methods from the leading teachers of the world. She does life coaching per skype and teaches yoga for clearing of energy channels (yoga of abundance), runs online programs by herself and in cooperation with other world teachers.

Anastasiya is also a co-founder of KiteGlobal community that organizes kite and surf tours around the world and tours to Tibet. She has traveled more than 40 countries, constantly studying and exploring new directions.

The program “Opening of Higher Potential” on the topics:


1. Heart connection. 2. Releasing of old programs and beliefs. 3. Detox on energy level. 4. Homework.



1. Heart connection. 2. Clearing from fears. 3. How to feel YourSelf. 4. Daily practice.



1. Heart connection meditation – use in relations. 2. Outer steps in live towards inspirational live. 3. Basics of inspirational relationship. 4. Come back and own your inner feminine power.


1. All chakra clearing and balancing. 2. Feminine/Masculine balance. 3. Integrity (mind/heart/soul). 4. Open to Magic of life. 5. Homework.

*There are also 9 healing sessions from Anao for cleaning and balancing the chakras. Each session lasts 30 minutes.

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Feedbacks from participants in April 2018

Thank you for this course of immersion in yourself.
Although I worked parallel with different instruments, special thanks for connecting with the heart and balancing the chakras. Works) And for the good.
Even while living in conjunction with the heart of intention, with daily practice it is real.
Miracles happen constantly and pleases that I am more harmoniously tuned to my path.

Thank you, Anao and Anastasia.

Elena, Kiev

First of all, I want to thank to Anastasiya and Anao for such incredibly rich and practical course on spiritual work! I’m very glad that I went to this program – this is exactly what I needed in my life now. And this is only the beginning)

Already now I can say that positive changes are happening in my health and the sense of myself and the world) there are fewer fears and anxieties) Every day I do heart connection meditation, I work with the chakras. After heart connectionmeditation

I become calm and peaceful. When I did meditation with the heart and chakras pushing together, I had some kind of detachment in a good way) all unnecessary thoughts disappeared)

Svetlana, Kiev

This program is extraordinary, it works very deeply with each participant, for this special thanks to Anao. Each lecture is filled with very good information, without water, which needs to be reviewed several times in order to perceive, hear, accept, digest …

In general, for me this is the most transformational and profound program I ve ever done … It’s an amazing program …

This program is difficult to advertise, because what happens in it is not something that is easy to believe …

Irina, Kyiv

Program options:



  • 4 online webinars and participation in closed group in Facebook;  group healing from Anao during each webinar;
  • group clearing of 9 main chakras from Anao during mornings 3 times a week;
  • 3 guided meditations from Anastasiya (aimed on living in abundance, unconditional love, inspirational relationships);
  • opportunity to ask questions Anastasiya and Anao during the program;
  • communication/sharing with the participants of the program, synergy with the group.



  • STANDARD package;
  • personal session & healing with Anao (1.5 hrs);OR
  • personal session with Anastasiya (1.5 hrs).



  • STANDARD package;
  • 3 individual sessions on your request with Anao or Anastasia (1.5 hours each).

Let your inspirational life begin!

If you still have questions, please, ask:

FB page of Project Manager Julia: